Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Children's Book Week

 May 7-13th is Children's Book Week, sponsored by the Children's Book Council.  Although the new spring rather than fall time frame suits publishers and bookstores more, it still is an opportunity for all folks who love kids books to raise a glass and cries of "Huzzah!"

Whether we have programs or not during this traditionally quieter time in the public library, we who are surrounded by children's books know how lucky we are to be in this field. For those of us who work with youth, I would suggest that every week is book week for us!

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Jennifer said...

We're doing a 1,000 book challenge - very simple, kids and parents write titles on the bulletin board and get a sticker. We're up to about 50 our first day! As for year I'm going to end programs earlier, but this year we have all our regular storytimes and after school clubs going through the end of May plus all the teachers who suddenly decided they need to fit in visits to the library plus regularly scheduled school tours plus...