Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Techie Teens

No, not tetchy, as in cranky or touchy.  Techie, as in having fun with technology!

Colleen Zertler reported on a great program she did this summer with teens:   GEEK OUT, featuring SAM animation, SCRATCH animation, light photography and duct tape wallets. Colleen learned about most of these projects from a system workshop last year.  Take a peek here for some handouts and resources from that workshop. 

You can check out one of the teen's stop-action creations right here.  Cost for this program was very reasonable:  The SAM animation program cost  about $70 for the software and webcam. SCRATCH animation is a free download from MIT. Then it was just the cost for a couple rolls of duct tape (staff members donated some that they had laying around the house).

This amazing picture was taken by one of the teens. They were using glow sticks in a dark room with a 10 or15 second shutter speed set on the camera (the camera has to be on a tripod). 

Other ideas for light photography the teens had fun with:  
  • Take some Christmas lights and shove them in a 2 liter pop bottles. 
  • Go outside and use sparklers--this would be especially cool in the winter. You can actually write your name with the sparklers and be able to read it!  

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