Thursday, January 3, 2008

To Celebrate Ralph's Birthday

I've combined my love of libraries and Rotten Ralph and created an art show. It's called the Rotten Ralph Art Show . Right now in 2008 the Rotten Ralph Art Show is touring public libraries in Oregon (there are a few dates left); but in 2009 the Rotten Ralph Art Show will be available across the United States. Public libraries who would like to submit a request to host the art show may make that request. Libraries are responsible for the cost of shipping the art show safely to and from my house and must have a large locked glass case.

To create the Rotten Ralph Art Show, I've gathered original watercolors of Rotten Ralph, the Ralph doll, rare black and white photographs of Jack Gantos and me presenting Ralph to schools dressed as Ralph and Sarah, and other fabulous finds.

Best wishes,

Nicole Rubel

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librariane said...

Anyone planning to do this? I think a bunch of libraries should coordinate the display, and having it move around Wisconsin in 2009!