Thursday, June 21, 2018


Not sure what the whole #OwnVoices thing is?  Here's some good info about what it is and why it matter to people who work with kids and teens.  #OwnVocies is the latest hashtag in the fight for more diverse books.  It is used to recommend novels with diverse characters whose author hails from that same diverse group.  It began in a tweet from author Corinne Duyvis and has spread and sparked discussion about what authentic voices look like in novels.  So, to make your journey into the #OwnVoices discussion a bit easier, I have compiled some articles, booklists, and other fun goodies!

Corinne Duyvis website
Read Brightly article
YA Interrobang Twitter highlights
CCBC African/African America #OwnVoices Books
CCBC LAtinx #OwnVoices Books
Goodreads #OwnVoices Booklists

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Adulting 101

When Teresa Lucas decided to teach basic life skills to young adults via an “Adulting 101” library program series last year, she was not expecting a media onslaught. But that’s what she got.
“We had tens of thousands of Facebook hits, of calls, of emails. It was crazy,” says Lucas, who is assistant director of library services at North Bend (Oreg.) Public Library (NBPL). “Other libraries were saying: ‘Oh, tell me more, tell me more!’ At one point, I could barely keep up.”
The frenzy reached its zenith on March 29, when Kelly Ripa, cohost of the nationally syndicated morning talk show Live with Kelly (now Live with Kelly and Ryan), said to much applause from the live audience, “They should offer this everywhere, not just at the North Bend Public Library.”
The good news for Ripa and those who agree with her: NBPL is just one of many that have launched classes aimed at teaching young adults how to balance a checkbook, cook a meal, sew on a button, shop for auto insurance, and perform other necessities of life. Libraries in Birmingham, Alabama; Bozeman, Montana; Los Angeles; New York City; Pittsburgh; Tucson, Arizona, and many other locations are offering these classes, which vary in their content but which are almost always marketed as Adulting 101 or a variant thereof.
Interested in hosting an Adulting 101 program series at your library? Read the full article HERE

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

StoryWeaver - Free Multi-Language Kid's Lit Resource

On Book Riot today, there is a great article about an open source platform that makes children's stories available in over 100 languages on an open platform.

Developed by Pratham Books, an Indian not-for-profit publisher, the resource has a diverse, multilingual treasure trove of children's literature: "the stories are in ~100 languages, currently, including “the mainstream Indian and European languages, minority languages like Konkani and Tibetan, tribal languages like Kora and Santali, classical languages like Sanskrit, and endangered languages like Kurdish.”

Read all about it here.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

RECORDED WEBINAR: Dealing with Substance-Abusing Patrons in the Library

Missed this great webinar about substance-abusing patrons in the library?  Dr. Steve Albrecht presents valuable information on patrons struggling with substance abuse of all kinds.  Find the full recording, slides, and more HERE.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

$2 Books!

As librarians, we are all about getting more books into kids hands. And, not just books to check out. We regularly send free books home with students as reading prize incentives during the summer reading program, as welcome gifts for children applying for their first library card, and at special library/community events. For the past two years, our library has given away books to kids who came Trick-or-Treating to the library!

Where to get books that kids are interested in, at reasonable prices, can be tricky. is a family owned business in Madison, Wisconsin with many softcover books priced around $2 each. You can order online and they will ship the books to all 50 states very cheaply, or, you can visit their warehouse in person and pick up your books there for free. Here at Brewer Public Library we ordered several hundred dollars worth of board books, Spanish books, and chapter books, and have been very impressed with the quality. They were also very helpful in answering my questions over the phone. Yet one more resource for finding books that kids love while staying within our budgets! Check out their website HERE.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Stranger Things are Heading Your Way...

If your Tuesday isn't going the way you'd like--and/or you are a Stranger Things fan like me--get ready to turn your frown Upside Down. (See what I did there? *eyebrow waggle*)

Just a few days ago, I read an article on Book Riot about a partnership that was announced between Netflix and Penguin Random House.  The plan?  To publish an assortment of books set in the Stranger Things universe.  (But which one?! 😱 Meep!)

The first few books (due out in November of this year) will be behind-the-scenes companions and gift books.  As the partnership continues into 2019, however, novels for both adults and young readers will be added to the selection, including a prequel novel about Eleven's mother, written by the fabulous Gwenda Bond.

Is anyone else as excited about this as I am?!?!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Multilingual Glossary for Library Users (and Staff)

The Instruction for Diverse Populations Committee of the ACRL Instruction Section is pleased to present the Multilingual Glossary for Today’s Library Users, now available as a Google Doc. This multilingual glossary includes a language table of commonly-used library terms presented in seven languages, and definitions for each term in English. These documents are designed to assist ESL speakers and the librarians who work with them. Converting the glossary table and definitions to Google Documents enables the committee to readily implement new terminology and make revisions as the lexicon evolves.

Learn more about the Multilingual Glossary on the ACRL IS website.​
Ariana E. SantiagoOpen Educational Resources CoordinatorM.D. Anderson Library, University of Houston | 713-743-7419

[Note: When people ask why spend the money or time to be part of an association, I point to this sort of focused effort made possible by the crowd-sourced work of dedicated library staff who volunteer time and effort to create needed resources within associations. Associations push the profession forward. We are the engine that powers great resources and resource sharing through our association work]

Thursday, June 7, 2018

WAPL YSS Meet-Up Highlights

Conferences are amazing because of networking opportunities. People talk about having at least one idea from each session they attend. Recently, I have heard librarians talking about meeting at least one new person at each breakout. What a smart way to strengthen professional contacts!

The Youth Services Section of WLA is really terrific on both fronts. (I am not boasting!) YSS strives to offer relevant and engaging programming chock full of usable ideas. And we offer ways for YSS professionals to meet, interact, converse, and enjoy one another.
YSS Socials are a part of the WLA conferences. This spring we had a YSS social during WAPL. Granted it was a small group. However, the people who participated had a wonderful time and were able to click with some new people.

For entertainment, Emily Sanders led us in a hilarious game of CARDS AGAINST LIBRARIANSHIP. Some of us did not realize we were having our social while Sammy Llanas (of Bodeans fame) was playing at the Waukesha Public Library! (Oh dear, we have to read more carefully in advance so we don’t conflict with other events.)
Still, we are not deterred. We (YSS) will continue to offer opportunities for laughter and fun. Just like the MEET UPS across the state, opportunities to socialize with other youth librarians are welcomed!
 - Elizabeth Timmins

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Free webinar on Integrating STEM and Coding into Makerspaces

ALA writes, "There’s no doubt that foundational knowledge of science, technology, engineering, and math will help tomorrow’s job seekers to excel in the future of work. However, much of this success depends on the level of STEM instruction they receive while still in elementary, middle and high school.
While we often assume that STEM programs are being initiated by classroom teachers, new research suggests that librarians and media specialists are increasingly taking the lead in bringing new, innovative tools into their school programs.
Join us at 1 p.m. Eastern on Monday, June 11 for “Librarians’ Insights on How to Integrate STEM and Coding into Makerspaces,” a free, 60-minute webinar led by Dr. Azadeh Jamalian, head of education strategy at littleBits. Dr. Jamalian will talk about how school libraries are bringing STEM into their curriculum and the leading role that librarians and media specialists are taking to make this a reality.
Whether you’re an educator inspiring the next generation of problem solvers, a stakeholder involved in developing programs for your community, or a librarian interested in facilitating maker activities in your school or library setting, you will benefit from attending this session. Be sure to bring your questions!
Tune in to this free 60-minute webcast on Monday, June 11, 2018 to learn more. You can register here."

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Rock Out Some Recreated Album Covers!

Looking for a fun, SRP-themed program for teens and tweens?  

How about having them recreate famous album covers?!
Image result for excited
Check out THIS super sweet blog post by The Lego Librarian for inspiration and then go forth and recreate it at your library!  Just be sure to follow the advice he gives: provide examples of approved album covers, both as a source of inspiration...and to avoid any awkward situations, as some album covers can be a bit...saucy.

What's really great about this idea is how it can be tweaked to best suit your needs/resources.  It could be a one-off program, a summer-long passive program--you could even offer it as a family challenge!

Another way to change it up?  Consider turning it into a craft!  Participants can recreate the covers using any number of materials, including LEGOs or candy! 

(Well, hello there, Skittle-d David Bowie!)
                                      Image result for skittles david bowie