Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Can You Hear Me? Seeking Portable PA System Recommendations

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Today we have a guest post from Angela Meyers, Coordinator of Youth and Family Services at Bridges Library System.

Many of us are finding ourselves in the position of planning programs outdoors as we continue to practice social distancing measures during the pandemic. Outdoor programs come with their own set of challenges, including competing with noises from road noise, passerby, wind, birds, dogs and more. 

To help overcome some of the noise challenges of hosting programs outdoors, your library may have purchased a portable public address (PA) sound system with microphone for you to use. If you purchased a portable PA system within the last year or two, we encourage you to share what make and model you purchased, along with any other information you think others might find helpful using this Google Form

The list of portable PA systems will be compiled and shared here at the YSS blog as a snapshot in time.

Thanks in advance for sharing your recommendations and expertise!

Monday, April 12, 2021

Hang Out with School and Public Library Colleagues!

Greetings Wisconsin Public and School Librarians!

We invite you to watch this 20 minute video about school and public library collaboration. As you can see from this summary provided by School Library Connection, it is both inspiring and relatable:

When asked how school librarians connect with their community, public library collaboration was among the top responses. Therefore, this video may reflect a partnership that many school library professionals are already familiar with. But whether you already have a strong relationship with your public library or not, hearing from this duo is inspiring all the same. Meet high school teacher librarian Anthony Devine and public youth services librarian Miko Osada, who serve a shared community and have developed a commitment to working together as they do so. The two meet regularly, with or without a formal agenda, and often find that some of their best ideas emerge spontaneously from their conversations. It may be discouraging that there isn't a simple formula for creating strong collaboration, but Devine and Osada's professional bond is a good reminder that sometimes the answer is just a matter of prioritizing one another, and finding value in learning about the work of each collaboration partner without expectations. When genuine care and interest is in place, serendipitous results emerge. While it may not appear to be strategic at face value, the productive and positive results are clear.

If this video leaves you curious about how to find and meet your public or school library counterpart, please consider joining us! The Connecting Wisconsin Libraries group invites you to our next networking meeting on Wednesday, May 12, 2021, at 4:00PM. This virtual event is for anyone interested in building professional relationships in order to better serve the young people of our communities. Please email lochwouters@gmail.com or monica.treptow@dpi.wi.gov for the meeting link!

This message is brought to you by the Connecting Wisconsin Libraries group, a collaboration between the Wisconsin Educational Media & Technology Association (WEMTA), Wisconsin Library Association (WLA), and the DPI Library Services Team.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

New ALSC Intellectual Freedom Programming Toolkit

As mentioned in Tessa Michaelson Schmidt's most recent Friday FAQ, the ALSC (Association for Library Service to Children) Intellectual Freedom Committee has published a free IF Programming toolkit. 

The ALSC IF committee writes: "Inside the toolkit, you will find practical, easy-to-implement tips for incorporating intellectual freedom and Information literacy into library cornerstone programs and services. Sample programs include storytimes, book clubs, outreach, and STEAM activities. They include both virtual and in-person activities, so you can serve your community flexibly, regardless of your current service model. An annotated list of additional resources rounds out the toolkit, making it easy for busy practitioners to find more tips and support.

We’re living in a climate of misinformation and heightened mistrust in news media and other information sources. Raising awareness of information literacy and intellectual freedom issues with our families has never been more important. Developing these crucial skills helps keep kids informed, safe, and prepared to support their communities."

Please click here to read the ALSC blog introductory post and link to the toolkit!

March 2021 YSS Board Minutes

Friday, March 26, 2021 

1:30 - 3:30 pm

Present:  Jenny Wegener, Taylor Wilcox, Claire Parrish, Katherine Schoofs, Susie Menk, Melissa Carollo, Florence Le Beau,  Linda Jerome. Guest: Marge Loch-Wouters 


 Old Business:   


Lapsed Members  (The stuff below was from our discussion last time, let’s continue to look at it and discuss ways to retain and recruit YSS members) 

  • Updated list? 

  • Try to contact members that you know or have connections to 

  • Reach out to others that have never been WLA members or not recent members 

  • Tessa would be willing to email system people, connecting them with a YSSer - - Linda will be the filter, either contacting the interested person or passing the message along to another Board member 

  • Check with system people to find out who is new and then board members can reach out to them  

  • Claire will type something up for recruiting new members  

  • See email from Claire (send 2/26/2021) 

  • As people rejoin/re-sign up or sign up for the first time send a Welcome letter from a current YSS member (make it personal) 

  • For next meeting share experience with lapsed and new members 

  • Contact Hannah and get a list of new members to reach out to 

  • Linda discusses what type of value we can offer people who are YSS members, a reason to be a member.  We should be thinking about what we can  do as members?   

  • Future:  plan some sort of new member welcome (Florence) 

  • Make part of WAPL MadLibs? 

  • Discounted admission price? 

  • Prizes to attend/Scholarships? 

  • Do separate program for new members in fall -- celebrate the end of summer 

  • Meet for coffee? 

  • Game/social about end of summer? 

  • Talk about doing this annually or several times per year--spring and fall? 

  • Encourage new members to go to conference 

  • “Meet the  Board”? Plan for September   


New Business: 

DPI Youth Update: Tessa unable to attend 


Committee Reports 

Marketing Committee - Katherine, Melissa, Sarah 

  • create marketing materials for WAPL goodies  

  • Teen panel--Taylor send Katherine info to put out  

  • Mad Libs After Hours-- 7:00 pm on May 4! 


Conference Committee 

  • WAPL: 4-person teen panel discussing how to find social media and digital platforms to find teens  

  • Virtual Youth Lit Mad-Lib Social event 

  • Promote the wazoo out of WAPL & WLA - - get those YSSers there! 


Children’s Book Award Committee 

  • Reading, reading, reading 

  • How many books?  started with 97 books  

  • Board books up to teen  

  • Put together a book list to share out on YSS blog 

  • *Who are members?  Can we add their names here? 

  • Katherine Schoofs--chair 

  • Julia Lee--chair elect  

  • Ashley Borman - aborman@clintonvillelibrary.org 

  • Sara Christopherson - sara@grantsburg.wislib.org 

  • Murray Johnson - MJohnson@marshfieldlibrary.org 

  • Julia Lee - jlee@manitowoc.org 

  • Katherine Schoofs - aramkids@aramlibrary.org 

  • Emily Stueven - eastuev@milwaukee.gov 

  • Briony Zlomke - briony.zlomke@mcfls.org 


YSS Blog--Marge 

  • WLA newsletter - - blog posts shared there to help promote YSS and our awesomeness - - double dip action 

  • Letter to lapsed members/new members 

  • Share out exceptional posts in an email blast 

  • Keep pushing out our AWESOME stuff! 


YSS Virtual Meet Ups--Florence 

  • Nobody lined up as of right now 

  • Looking for May 20th @ 2:30 p.m.  (need two) 


School-Public Libraries Group 

  • Next meeting: Wednesday May 12 4-5pm  

  • Join Zoom Meeting     https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88205890421 

  • Working hard to bring in more school libraries 

  • Larger invitation going out to talk about collaboration between school and public libraries 

  • Changing focus: trying to get WLA, YSS and WEMTA to have a closer working relationship, collaborations, and networking 

  • Sharing examples of what we can do out to others throughout the state 

  • WEMTA overwhelmed, keep working with YSS 

  • Blog post on April 12th--contact information available 


WLA Liaison report--Linda Jerome  

  • Plummer’s last day was February 26 

  • Interview for new executive director 

  • Offer from a consultant from Illinois pro bono to get candidates 

  • Hoping for new person to start this summer 

  • WLA conference in person in Green bay as of now 


Meeting dates

April 16th at 1:30 p.m. 

May 14th at 1:30 p.m.  

Respectfully submitted, 

Susie Menk 

YSS Secretary 

March 30, 2021