Thursday, February 7, 2008

Culvers & National Library Week

It's almost National Library Week! Once again, Culver's is continuing their joint National Library Week program with the Youth Services Section of the Wisconsin Library Association. The program will be the same as in previous years and children will be asked to submit coloring sheets that correspond with the Join the Circle of Knowledge @ Your Library National Library Week theme. When children return their coloring sheets to participating libraries they receive coupons for free custard. After coloring sheets have been collected, each participating library chooses one grand prize winner (this is done either by a drawing or by judging the entries). Culver's will be providing rubber playground balls and mini camping lanterns as prizes for the top entries at each library.

The project runs in April and libraries are free to design the program that best fits your needs. Many libraries collect coloring sheets in the early weeks of the month and then present the prizes to winners, either chosen through a drawing or by library staff serving as judges, during National Library Week (April 13-19, 2008). The program is for children ages 11 and under. This is an optional program and libraries are not required to participate.

Please contact your system liaison before February 13 and let them know how many coloring sheets and custard coupons your library will need. Happy coloring!

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