Thursday, July 31, 2008

Free Sustainability Activity Guide from PBS

THE GREENS, a PBS Web site that encourages kids to explore sustainability and take action wherever they can, is offering free Activity Guides to educators working with 9 to 12-year olds. How-to information pairs hands-on activities to deepen kids understanding of topics like recycling and global warming with campaigns to reduce junk mail and get drivers to stop idling cars.

Order the free Activity Guide at

More about the Guide
THE GREENS Activity Guide contains leader notes, handouts, and how-to information for activities that allow kids to first learn about a problem and then engage in a hands-on activity that can help solve it. Activities can be conducted over separate one-hour sessions and address:

Cutting down on trash: Kids make a garbage dump pizza and then start a OBYOB: Bring Your Own Bag campaign.

Recycling and reducing: Kids make their own recycled paper and then launch a Reduce Junk Mail campaign.

Global warming and carbon footprints: Kids investigate the greenhouse effect and then they take action to reduce carbon emissions through a no-idling campaign.

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