Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I am the worst gamer in the world just ask any teen in Beloit. Whenever there is an electronic gaming program I always have the worst score or the lowest level character in the room and here’s why.
One of the magical transformations that take place during the transition from childhood to adolescence is the sudden awareness of the potential for social humiliation. One minute you have a child who has no problem performing in front of a class and the next you are dealing with a teenager who refuses to talk above a whisper.
So what does this have to do with gaming and programming? Many of these suddenly awkward adolescents love video games but would rather cut their left arm off (or even more seriously give up their cell phone) than humiliate themselves in front of their peers. That’s where the worst gamer in the world arrives to save the day. Suddenly, there is an adult in the room who is willing to play and plays badly – they no longer fear being the lowest scorer in the room.
There are some rules for being the worst gamer. The first of which is that you must be familiar with the game. Practice the game just enough to be considered a genuine gamer but not enough that your really are good. Make sure you pick the easiest levels on the game. This will lend credence to the worst gamer reputation. If you are playing an online game, ask for help. Teens love to show adults how to make armor or where to find a hidden object. One final online gaming tip, if possible create several identities; one identity that is used for programming and one identity that is used for research. After all the worst gamer in the world can’t have a character with a level over 30.

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