Tuesday, September 2, 2008

summer memories

Now that school has started, we can look back at summer with fondness and a bit of regret that it's over. Then we take a deep breath and start thinking of the next summer! Here are a few memories (if you have one, post it in the comments section!):

My most memorable moment was eating a chocolate covered cricket after losing a challenge to a teen participant. The chocolate part was good, the crunch gave me pause.

Ellen Connor
Sturm Memorial Library
Manawa, WI

Garden Bug Lab
This summer we offered a Junior Gardener's Club, taught by master gardener, Diane Kackle. In order to receive their certificate, each child had to help plant, water, weed and harvest two library vegetable gardens. The also had to attend three special labs: Good Bugs, Good Plants, Make Your Own Compost (red worms invited!), and Bugs: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly! This last lab was a highlight when Diane brought in a whole can of "Hissing Cockroaches"...they don't bite, but boy can they hiss!

Garden Bug Lab

Science Alliance Bug Eyes
Larger than life ants, grasshoppers and lots of buggy atmosphere made the Science Alliance Guy a big hit. However, it was the kids who stole the show with a funky bug eye dance!

Bug Eyes

Shelly Menzer
Dwight Foster Public Library
Fort Atkinson, WI

As one of the things the teens could do to fill out theirreading slips was eat a real bug. (Now, just to set this straight, they could do this--they didn't have to; there were many other choices of things to do.) Yes, real bug, dead or alive, it didn't matter. The bug of choice was an ant, but I had moths, crickets, grasshoppers and worms devoured too. The worms were by far the most disgusting.
Diane Raschke
Clintonville Public Library
In Madison we had Duck Tape workshops called "Duck Tape Mania". The program at Sequoya filled with over 30 kids ages 10 and up, who made ties, purses, pop can holders, wallets, a leopard sculpture and more. Kids spent an hour and a half creating and having a ball!
Supplies: 36 rolls of Duck Tape brand tape in all colors, scissors, tables (marked at 1" intervals for measuring tape), permanent markers and old grocery bags, and instructions downloaded from The Duck Tape Club. We'll definitely do this one again!
Pictures are posted on Teen Topix.
Karen Lucas
Madison Public Library
Sequoya Branch

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