Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Let's talk library pets.

Anyone have something that draws people into the library? I heard a program on NPR interviewing the author of Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World and it sounds like a fascinating story.

If you don't, what's the reasoning behind the decision?

If you could have any pet in the library, what would it be (sky's the limit here--we're wishing)?


Hedgehog Librarian said...

I think most of us tend away from that because of so many pet allergies. I have friends for whom a library cat would mean they would be unable to use the library without incredibly runny eyes, nose, and headache.

I wouldn't mind having a library elephant--if I didn't have to clean up after it ;)

librariane said...

Myron (the author) apparently talks about how they dealt with allergies in the book--she mentioned for those really allergic they'd lock the cat up in the office. Dewey only went to certain areas in the library, too.

Penny Johnson said...

Here in Baraboo we had a goldfish that served as our children's department mascot for over 20 years. Yes, it was an amazing ancient fish. We had (and still have) a goldfish handstamp that we bestow on little hands.

Fish looked very decrepit. A patron offered to take Fish home with her to live in her "retirement pond for aging fish." Really. So we planned a big retirement party for Fish, with fishy crafts and a big article in the newspaper and lots of decorations and hoopla. You guessed it. Fish died the morning of the retirement party. So we held a celebration of Fish's life instead. Very fun.

We tried to replace Fish four times, but each new fish died within a few hours, even in a new bowl. So the spirit of Fish lives on, and we have given up trying to find a replacement.