Monday, July 19, 2010

Mother - Daughter $25,000 Pyramid Game at the Waupaca Library

Sue Abrahamson sent in a great video of her very successful $25,000 pyramid game that they played when her Mother-Daughter book group discussed this years Newbery award winner, "When You Reach Me" by Rebecca Stead. If you've read the book, you know that the main character (Miranda)'s mom is studying to be a contestant on the $25,000 Pyramid Game Show with Dick Clark. The chapters of the book are named for categories of the pyramid winner's circle game. If you would like to borrow this game, just send Sue an email and she'll be happy to share it.

There are about 40 construction paper signs, each with a category (for instance, Things that get tangled, Things that heal, Things you count, etc.). Sue asked each mother-daughter pair to pick out six sheets, without looking at the back side. She then taped them on the wall behind a chair in a pyramid shape. They chose who will gave the clues and who tried to guess the category. As each one was guessed, she flipped the sheets over and taped them back on the wall

The Mother-Daughter book discussion group at the Waupaca Area Public Library gets together every month for lunch. The moms and girls bring their lunch and the library provides dessert and beverages. Sue tries to bring something that is related to the book. Miranda likes grapes and her friends dad always tries to give her orange juice, so that's what's was on the menu this month.

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