Thursday, October 21, 2010

Anti-Bullying Game-Based Program for schools

A game-based, on-line bullying prevention program, modeled on DPI Bullying Prevention Curricula, launches this week and is free to schools for a limited time.

Act Now! was developed by the Childrens Health Education Center (CHEC) in cooperation with the Childrens Hospital of Wisconsin.

Students choose characters and role-play through a typical day at middle school, learning to:

* Distinguish between bullying and other behaviors.
* Help a victim of bullying, including how to ask an adult for help.
* Advocate using student-created anti-bullying campaigns.
* Define and respond to sexual harassment.
* Demonstrate appropriate social skills through role-playing, peer interaction, and written activities.
* Identify and communicate three ways teachers, administrators, and parents can improve school climate.

The program features video segments and educational games.

Included is a guide preparing teachers and counselors to use Act Now! in classrooms, and an online staff/community member program on creating bully-free schools.

E-mail CHEC for more information about Act Now!

Two more anti-bullying resources are are available as part of the Safe Schools Webcast series. One reviews the ten bullying prevention lessons available online (on which ActNow! is based). The other provides an update on the requirements of 2009 Wisconsin Act 309 regarding school bullying policies. - DPI ConnectED - October 4, 2010

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