Sunday, October 10, 2010

WPT offers new ‘Reel-to-Reel’ screening opportunity

Wisconsin Public Television recently announced a new Reel-to-Reel screening opportunity -- Frontline’s "Digital_Nation: Life on the virtual frontier.”

We are all dealing with issues of parenting, education and society in a digital world. And, with the recent announcement of a broadband initiative that will help bring affordable, fast, high-capacity reliable Internet service to many Wisconsin communities, we will see even more opportunities to advance economic development, empower more Wisconsin companies to compete globally, expand health care access through telemedicine, help attract businesses and residents to the communities served, offer unemployed residents access to job prospects and resources, open doors for online learning opportunities, and increase telecommuting options.

You can learn more about this film at For more information, contact Lynn Blinkenberg, Wisconsin Public Television’s director of community engagement.

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