Monday, December 6, 2010

Friday, December 10: Choose Civility Webinar

You are invited to attend a free webinar entitled, “The Road to CIVILITY: Implementing a Choose Civility Initiative”, on Friday, December 10, from 10 to 11 a.m. Central Time.

“Choose Civility” was featured at the 2010 American Library Association Conference. Led by Howard County Library (MD), it is designed to enhance civility, respect, empathy, consideration, and tolerance. “Choose Civility” can be implemented for all age levels and may be used to address bullying and cyberbullying, so it is very timely.

Learn why more than 60,000 people in Howard County have chosen to display “Choose Civility” car magnets on their vehicles, and why the library is a natural choice to lead the initiative. “Choose Civility” evolved from an internal library campaign at the Howard County Library into a successful, ongoing, community-wide initiative. There are now nearly 100 partners and funders, including the public school system and community college. In this webinar, three key leaders will explore techniques to articulate a vision and mission, implement a “Choose Civility” Initiative, position the library as a lead partner, recruit and engage community partners, form a Board of Advisors, develop a public relations campaign, and create relevant curriculum for students of all ages.

The webinar will be presented by Valerie J. Gross, President & CEO of Howard County Library (HCL); Christie P. Lassen, HCL’s Director of Public Relations; and Ellen Flynn Giles, Chair of the Howard County Board of Education, and Vice-Chair of Friends of HCL. This trio has been instrumental in envisioning “Choose Civility”, transforming the grassroots campaign into a successful community partnership, developing a public relations campaign, and making “Choose Civility” a hallmark for Howard County.

I hope that many of you will attend and that you will forward the announcement to librarians in your states. Up to 1000 participants can register for this free webinar, which is hosted by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. For more information about the webinar and to register, please visit the Texas State Library’s Webinars page and click on the link for the webinar, or go directly to

To learn more about the Howard County Library “Choose Civility” Initiative, see for in-depth program information.

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