Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Flannel Friday Gets Even Better

For those of  us who may not have a million blogs on our RSS feeds and may have missed the news this week, the intrepid Flannel Fridays crew has created a webpage to make accessing  - and contributing your own content to - the adventure even easier. For those of us doing storytimes, the flannel story sharing is amazing and so varied. It is the best kind of librarianship in that the sharing is done so generously by so many and is so helpful for librarians on the front line of storytimes.

One of the people who has been moviong and shaking with others around the country as the FF has grown is Wisconsin's own Anna Krueger, a YSS board member and Youth Librarian and Assistant Director at Antigo Library.  She wrote about this spot a few months ago for us. Now with the website, the fun is easier than ever. And the fact that so many people work together and come together online to create FF is really pioneering work. It would be great if we could do this kind of gestalt-librarianship for other services and initiatives in youth librarianship. It makes me love the future! How about you?

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