Monday, May 7, 2012

Zombie Party is a Hit

On Friday, April 13, the undead enjoyed an exciting after-hours party at the Hedberg Public Library in Janesville, and staff had almost as much fun as the teen ghouls. Almost everyone came in costume and we provided food (moldy popcorn, blood punch, and some fabulously horrific cake bites that a local bakery artist gave us at a big discount), a wonderful high school DJ duo (very affordable), a make-up station, and a photo booth complete with a spooky cemetery backdrop.
Contests were held for the best zombie moan, best zombie walk, and king and queen of the prom. The kids looked deliciously awful and were spectacularly well-behaved. The event was to run from 7-10 p.m. and – oops! – at 9:36 the smoke alarm went off, summoning the fire department. It was interesting explaining why there were so many bloody kids standing around in our parking lot.
The moral of this story? Definitely plan events like this for your library; everyone had a blast. Do skip the fog machine – libraries are pretty dusty places and the swirling particulates were what set off the smoke detectors.

Thanks to our guest blogger (and WLA YSS member) Sharon Grover, Head of Youth Services at Hedberg Public Library for this post of a perfect Friday the 13th spring party! 


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Jen the Youth Services Librarian said...

What a successful program!! One day, Zombie Party will happen. Thanks for sharing! :-)