Sunday, June 3, 2012

Clean It Up!

How often do you have a tsunami of kids come through your children's area and scatter books, toys and puppets?  Seems like no amount of signage solves the problem and staff is on the hook for constant clean-up.  One library has a unique solution that works by tempting the kids to be clean-up helpers and earn a sticker.  Other libraries have bead and maze boards available that involve no mess, no clean-up and solve the problem that way.

What do you do to keep the place unchaotic without turning staffers into maids?

Image: 'JJ's Building Blocks free creative commons'

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Sharon Grover said...

Well, we just clean up. Sometimes our little friends see us straightening and come help us, especially with puzzles. The truth is, we're so happy to watch them engaging in imaginative play with all of our great new toys, that cleaning up doesn't seem so terrible.