Thursday, July 5, 2012

Author Visits

I apologize for the blury picture. I was so wrapped up in his discussion that I almost forgot to take pictures. Jerry is a teacher in our community and wrote a book that he wanted to use in his classroom to really bring ancient history alive for his students. He brought a great slide show presentation of the events and figures in history that have inspired his story and uses a lot of accurate historical detail in his story.
It amazes me when we have these authors in Wisconsin that are excited to talk in our libraries. It really inspires everyone that they too can be an author. I always get a little worried about programs like this because I'm never sure if anyone is going to come. But we had a great turn out. A ton of middle school students, their younger siblings and parents. And a handful of other hopeful authors. We gave flyers to the local writing group. I think that helped.
Don't hesitate to contact Jerry if you're interested in having him at your library. He didn't charge us anything. And please share other local authors who might be willing to talk about their books.

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Kristin said...

A blogging homeschooling mom in CO raves about Athena's Son.