Monday, July 16, 2012

YSS is There for You - Wait, Where are You?

Leah Langby over at Indianhead Federated Library System (IFLS) in WI has a wonderful post up about the reasons she is a member of our professional association. She points out that when it comes time to recruit people to run for elected positions, it is surprising how many folks aren't members of WLA or YSS. 

I second everything Leah says. Together we are stronger than when we are alone. WLA and YSS advocate for librarians; help nurture and strengthen leadership skills and provide a place outside of our own area to work to support library service. The people in YSS and WLA have been my good friends and colleagues for decades and I wouldn't be half the librarian I am without them.

Even in tight budgetary times, I put money aside to support the association through my dues.  The camaraderie, leadership, friendship and ability to stand up for libraries is something that means the world to me. If you aren't a member of WLA, please consider joining. If you aren't a member of YSS, please consider that as well. We need all youth librarians working together to create the best for our communities. Won't you join in the adventure too?

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