Thursday, August 2, 2012

Flash Mob in Eau Claire--Get Up and Go Day

Earlier this summer, when Wisconsin PBS contacted the public library in Eau Claire to find out if they would be interested in participating in a Kids Get Up and Go Day on August 3, it was hard to imagine how the library staff could possibly add one more thing to their jam-packed calendar.  But they did it!

Get Up and Go Day hasn't happened yet (look for more of a report about that later this month), but to promote it, the library scheduled a Flash Mob at a popular park downtown.  First, they had a local dance studio choreograph a dance to Recess Rocks, and make a video so people could learn it:

Then on Monday, the labyrinth at the park filled up with kids, ready to dance!  Looks like a ton of fun, and PBS was there filming.

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Elizabeth M. Timmins said...

Congratulations! I love this!