Friday, August 31, 2012

Meet Your YSS Chair-Elect

Linda Jerome is the teen librarian at the LaCrosse Public Library.  She's got all sorts of ideas to invite participation and welcome new members, and we thought you should have a chance to "meet" her virtually.  But by all means, make a point to introduce yourself in person when you see her at a conference or a meeting--her sense of humor, smarts and friendliness will rock your socks off!


 How did you get involved in YSS?   My first foray into YSS was as a member of the Children’s Book Award committee and then the chair of that committee. After my time on that committee ended, the YSS board happened to be looking for someone to fill in for Lisa Wegner’s position as chair-elect as she moved out-of-state. I happily said yes as I was looking to continue my involvement in YSS.

      What is the wackiest thing you’ve done with the teens at your library?  Well, I guess that depends on what you consider “wacky.” J My general mentality is that I’ll try anything once and I’m lucky enough to work at a library which supports that mentality (to a reasonable point, of course!) and so we’ve done gaming lock-ins, Fear Factor, had live bands after hours, dressed teens up in toilet paper, and generally made all kinds of messes!

      If you could hang out with any book character, who would you choose?  What would you do together?  Why?   That’s such a good question and it’s sooooo hard to choose!  I really, really loved and adored Hazel Grace Lancaster from The Fault in our Stars by John Green (more about this book in a minute) and we’d probably just talk about An Imperial Affliction while watching America’s Next Top Model.
      What are some go-to blogs or other resources you rely on to keep you up to date and/or inspired?  I’m currently addicted to Twitter and follow both teen authors and librarians which is so much nerdy fun! I also have to admit that many of our teen summer library programs were stolen, I mean inspired, from Pinterest.

     Ever had a program that Did. Not. Work.?  Any tips for avoiding a similar disaster?   I have had SEVERAL programs that simply didn’t work. Sometimes it was the wrong day/time and sometimes the program itself just wasn’t what teens in my community were looking for. I’m a big believer in trial and error and so you just keep trying things and eventually something will work! Oh, and I try very hard not to take program failures personally. J

       Do you have any goals for your upcoming reign as YSS Chair?  As the chair-elect for YSS I am SUPER EXCITED to work with such amazing, dedicated librarians not only on our board but all over Wisconsin and to continue to make connections across the state! We are making excellent strides regarding communication with our membership as well as increasing the amount of opportunities for participation in our section and so I hope to continue those endeavors.

     What’s a book you’ve read or listened to lately that you really loved?  Why?   The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Really, I don’t think any teen (or any librarian who works with teens for that matter) should be walking around in the world without reading at least ONE of Mr. Green’s books and I cannot express how much I adored this book. It’s got it all—funny, sad, smart, poignant, and adventure all wrapped up in gorgeous writing. Have I convinced you to read it yet??? J

Thanks, Linda!!

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