Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Eye-Opening Youth Services Idea Exchange

Over 40 library folks interested in youth services library issues gathered in La Crosse on Tuesday for a three hour Wisconsin Library Association (WLA) pre-conference information exchange. Students, system youth consultants, directors, children's and teen librarians had a packed afternoon of information exchange and fun. It was WLA-opening and eye-opening!

The meeting was hosted by DPI's Tessa Michaelson Schmidt and YSS chair Sue Abrahamson and chair-elect Linda Jerome.  Participants learned from Tessa about services and initiatives happening at the state level and ways to stay in touch with colleagues and exchange ideas throughout the year.  Linda and Sue gave an engaging shout-out to being professionally active in association work and paths to leadership offered through WLA.

The second half of the afternoon was spent identifying some large issues and concerns. Of the twelve issues identified, the following were voted as the top issues: public/school cooperation;advocacy for youth; reaching out to and engaging non-users; and early literacy. Small groups discussed each in terms of dreams, realities and action that individuals might take or that DPI, YSS, or system level consultants could take a lead on.

It was an energizing afternoon! More complete notes should surface soon. In the meantime, getting a chance to talk, network, blue-sky and problem solve with colleagues was golden!

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