Thursday, February 7, 2013

"365 Days of YA" Needs Ideas - Got Some?

Beth Saxton of the Cleveland Public Library is chairing the YALSA 365 Days of YA virtual task force. They still need about 140 ideas, and she's hoping some of you can help for some creative teen ideas outside the box.

Here's what she's writes:  "I love duct tape crafts and zombie programs as much as the next teen librarian but I need some more creative thinking. What I'm looking for is any program, contest, display, service, outreach idea or anything else you've used or thought about using with teens. Especially if you've done something educational.  If you've been on a committee think of ways the list/award/etc could be used with teens."

She writes: I only need a sentence or two about each and you can send everything to

Image: 'Mini with leftmost monthnames column' Found on

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