Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Who's Your YSS Board...and What Does It All Mean?

We posted the members of the Youth Services Section board the other day and received a couple of questions on what the unit is all about. So, in our best process-junkie tradition, here is the behind-the-scenes scoop.

The Youth Services Section (YSS) has been a long-time active unit of the Wisconsin Library Association (WLA). YSS represents those who serve youth and support youth services in all types of libraries - public, school, special, academic. YSS looks for ways to advance and advocate youth library service within the association and to state librarians, provide CE for members and offer youth librarians pathways to leadership through service in our section and in WLA.

The YSS board makes that happen. Think of the board as the idea people and muscles and engine behind youth library work in the state.All board members vision out how best to serve members; plan programs and initiatives; advocate for YSS; identify themselves to colleagues and members regionally to gather input from them and carry out the work of the section

The board is composed of nine members - all elected by the YSS membership in early fall (vacancies that occur when board members leave state are filled by appointment by the chair to fill out that term).  The chair serves for one calendar year in that position. But the term is three years long: vice-chair for a year; chair for a year and past chair for a year.

The secretary serves for two years . The four directors-at-large serve for two years each. The terms are staggered - two people are elected each year to maintain continuity. The liaison to the WLA board serves for three years on both the YSS and WLA board. Since YSS is a part of big WLA, this keeps communication channels open and makes sure that the voice of YSS and the voice of WLA is represented on each respective board.

There are four-eight board meetings annually - mostly held by phone and this includes two in-person meetings - one at WAPL and one at WLA. There is also work between calls - board members may also be appointed by the Chair to committees or work individually on assignments to move the section forward.

The year listed behind each board member's name is the year they step off the board. Chair-elect Debbie Olguin will be thinking about slots to fill on the board next year. Any willing YSS members with a bit of time, some energy and a desire to step up to leadership for youth services can become board members.

Say, that might be you!! Are you ready to join this dynamic group and share ideas, energy and leadership? Reach out to Debbie and put your name into consideration for fall elections. We'd love to have you work with us towards a strong youth library voice in Wisconsin.

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