Friday, April 19, 2013

Adding Zip to Lego Programs

Many of you have terrific regular Lego programs at your libraries.  This year for spring break, Alisha Green decided to make the program at the Eau Claire public library a little more exciting!

She contacted the Boy Scout Office and found the name of a Boy Scout leader who has a huge ramp from the Boy Scout's annual Pinewood Derby.  The Scout leader was happy to let the library use his ramp for the day, and Alisha invited kids to two different programs:  a morning session for younger (K-2nd grade) kids, and and an afternoon session for older (3rd-5th grade kids).

Kids got wheels and legos when they came in and spent time building:
Serious building

They could take their cars anytime to the ramp to test them out:
Towards the end of each program, they started keeping track of which cars went the farthest!  Alisha had awards (printed paper certificates) for the 3 kids that had the farthest-traveling cars...she also had a few awards for "Coolest Wipeout" or "Tallest Car" for kids who needed a boost after their cars took a tumble from the track.
Alisha says she's glad she separated out the age groups.  The younger kids' excitement was contagious.  The older kids were more laid back, but were really getting into experimenting with the engineering of their cars, trying things out to see how they worked, going back to the drawing board and making adjustments, etc. 

In Fall Creek, Jenna Gilles had a Lego Contest, inviting kids to create amazing things, and then displaying them in the library for people to vote for their favorites:


Marge Loch-Wouters said...

I'm always looking for ways to enhance our lego programs to create added value and these two ideas are great!

Melisa Giddens said...

This is exactly what I've been searching for, and will be a great addition to our LEGO program at our library.
Thank you for sharing this brilliant idea!

Happy day,
Melisa, NC
Miss Lisa