Friday, May 24, 2013

Meet Your YSS Board: Jennifer Bahnaman

Jennifer Bahnaman is the Youth Services Librarian at the MacMillan Public Library in Wisconsin Rapids.  She's also the Secretary for the Youth Services Section of WLA.  Get to know her a little better, here:

How did you get involved with YSS?
With my participation in the WeLead Initiative, I was eager to expand my involvement in WLA and sought out the secretary position of YSS - for experience and to help play a leadership role in youth services for our state!

 What do you love about your job at the library ?
I love working with and getting to know teens, and programming is my passion!! 

What other jobs or life experiences have helped develop you as a librarian?
I grew up with my niece and nephew, who have always been like siblings to me. I was encouraged by them and my life experiences to go into a profession where I could work with children. Graduate school took me into Library Science, and volunteering with story time at a local library confirmed my interest and enthusiasm for public libraries and youth services. 

What qualities do you think are important for a youth services librarian?
Being able to relate to kids and teens. I think it is so important to understand where they are coming from and to always think about what they want out of their public library.
I also think it helps to be current, ambitious, enthusiastic, to always try new things and to just HAVE FUN! We have a GREAT job! :-)

Have you ever had a truly disastrous program?  Want to tell us about it, and what you learned from it?
The only sort of true "disastrous" program (for me) that I can think of was my first duct tape wallet workshop. I did not plan for enough staff, and it was me and 40 teens. It was my most stressful, CHAOTIC, and "disastrous" program EVER. So I learned my lesson - always plan for enough staff, even if you are unsure of how many will attend. You will have a happier program experience. :-) 

What do you like to do when you aren’t at work?
Enjoying being at home with my husband, playing with our puppy, spending time with family and friends, being out doors, hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing, camping, READING!, crafting, watching great TV series and movies, going out for sushi, baking, traveling, and so much more! 

 What are your best sources for programming ideas? 
OTHER LIBRARIANS! I love reading blogs, visiting library websites, TALKING to librarians - finding out what they are doing and what has been successful.
CONFERENCES! Love going to conferences where I get so pumped about new ideas and new programs. Inspiring!
PINTEREST. Yes, I said it. Love this website, I get so many fabulous ideas from it I cannot keep track of them.  

What has been a book that has worked especially well for a program?
For Summer Reading, I always use the Collaborative Summer Library Program manual - many wonderful ideas are offered and it's a wonderful resource! 

And what’s a book you’ve read recently that you especially loved?
A Murder at Rosamund's Gate, a fabulous murder mystery taking place in 18th century England - written by my very own cousin SUSANNA CALKINS! :-)

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Anonymous said...

We are most impressed with the Youth Librarian Jennie at Wisconsin Rapids Library. She is always so professional and ready to help a patron at any time. Her programs & ideas are outstanding and awesome. It is truly wonderful to bring the children and teens to her awesome department. She is excellent in working with all age groups.
Thanks for your support to the community.
Merry and Larry and Family