Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Katie in Illinois post this on the YALSA list-serv. At first, I wizzed by it. But I didn't delete it. And now I've read it again. And POW! Right between the eyes.
Just reading this month’s VOYA and the following quote from Brandy Danner really struck me as something we all need to hear sometimes.

“It’s easy to view our unsuccessful programs as personal failures, but consider what you learn from them. You may have adapted a game on the fly for a smaller crowd. Maybe you connect with one particular teen. As long as you’ve put aside your own goals and helped your teens accomplish theirs, your program didn’t fail – it just succeeded at something else.
Words to live by, especially if you’re disheartened at your low attendance numbers sometimes
like I am. You might be making a difference in a different, but still important, way.

Happy summer reading!

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