Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Art Attack!

I love blogging and social media for the way they make learning about new concepts or initiatives so easy.  One great idea gets posted or tweeted and the snowball rolls on from there.  The connectivity is so immediate and so constant that you almost can't help learning something new to try in your work every day.

Today's "Aha!" moment is from the ALSC blog (ALA's Association for Library Service to Children). Our colleague Heather Accero from the Rochester MN Public Library has a great post about an Art Room they created for kids to explore and make art.

While I love the concept, even more fun is how they found the space to make this room. Heather gave up her office and it was re-purposed!  By looking for ways to include art, they found creative ways to make the space happen.

Rochester is just a short 60-90 minute drive away from La Crosse and Eau Claire and might be worth the stop to visit colleagues in these cities on your way to observe the wonder of the Art Room in Rochester!

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