Monday, September 30, 2013

Growing Wisconsin Readers!

Our guest blogger today is Linda Schuster head of Youth Services at T.B. Scott Free Library in Merrill!

What vision! What foresight! What hard work! Plus, what a great title for this amazing initiative! I feel special and validated to “shout out” that my important role in promoting early literacy now has a name. Not academic sounding, but clear as can be: “Growing Wisconsin Readers.”

I was privileged to be in the roomful of WAPL attendees in May for the preview of “Growing Wisconsin Readers.” If you missed it, don’t worry, because now through the workshops and website, we all have access to the newly developed, attractive brochures, posters, and that delightful logo.

I could go on and on, but hopefully you are already finding out for yourself the relevant and user-friendly tools (print, web, and mobile) designed to make our jobs easier and more meaningful.

Congratulations to Tessa Michaelson Schmidt and her team for having the vision and the foresight and the stick-to-itiveness to launch “Growing Wisconsin Readers.”

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Tessa Michaelson Schmidt said...

Thanks Linda! I'm so glad that Growing Wisconsin Readers has the right name and materials for the good work that you're doing.