Monday, September 23, 2013

Join Guerrilla Storytime at WLA

What's coming to WLA in Green Bay Thursday Oct 24 10-10:30 am in the exhibits?

Guerrilla storyime!!

Get ready to shake your sillies out, because Storytime is Serious Business. Take part in the movement that started at the ALA Annual 2013 Conference! Experience a crowd-sourcing event of Storytime Ninja proportions as all attendees add insight to real-life questions librarians struggle with every day. Why do you use scarves with infants? How do you incorporate STEAM? What do you do if a child (or parent!) is behaving badly? Step up and answer the call! Join the revolution and spread the word: Literacy is Not a Luxury. Check out Storytime Underground for more information

We'll provide:
- Some challenges that mix together behavior management (act out how you deal with a kid/parent doing x in the middle of storytime), early childhood development stuff (what’s your favorite way to incorporate letter knowledge/print motivation/phonological awareness into storytime) and actual activities (sing your favorite 5 little whatever song/lead the group in your favorite wiggle song). .

- A facilitator who  reads off the challenges, at which point people get up and share their best tricks.

- Shakers/parachutes/scarves/etc. so you can use them.

You provide:
- Your energy and ideas. Represent your mad skillz in fingerplays, songs, book recommendations, early literacy and crowd control.

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