Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Highlighting School Ideas

Today we have a guest post from WLA member Nell Fleming, Librarian at Wisconsin School for the Deaf Library in Delavan!

We're a residential school so we do school library stuff and we borrow a few ideas from Youth Services too.  Last year's highlights:

It was fun, and we learned new vocabulary by pulling "stuff" out from under our "bed" and learning what the English and ASL words for those items were.

We borrowed this popular public library idea and tied it into units for each grade level (elementary).  Fifth grade wrote their own tutorial on How to make a Teddy Bear after completing research on the process.

We had our middle school mystery night

A  night of ghost stories, mystery games, and fun.  Students learn the rules to playing board games (a new skill for most), enjoy Deaf ghost stories in ASL and creepy snacks.

Use whatever you like from our blog.

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Anne Clark said...

What great ideas! I love the idea of adapting public library programs for residential schools.