Tuesday, February 11, 2014

After-Hours Progamming

We started a Teen Advisory Board in September and it's blasted off with a bang. At every meeting, they've been requesting After Hours events. And I sooooo want to grant their wish like a fairy godmother. But first we must go through the dreaded gauntlet. The Library Board. 

The kids have done their homework though. We've done surveys, we've had phone interviews with other librarians. We've written a formal proposal and have nominated representatives to appear before the board. I'm very proud of their professionalism, maturity and initiative.

Have other librarians been successful in getting library board approval for after hours programs? Do you wish you could? Are there specific reasons your board has said "no"? 

And while I want this intensely for my teens, I can see a whole slew of programming ideas for patrons of all ages.

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Jennifer said...

Um...wow. I've been doing after hours events for a couple years now and I just tell my director "hey I'm gonna have some teens after hours". Never really occurred to me that I'd have to get the Board's permission or anything like that! We are a pretty small library and I'm salaried, not hourly, so that makes a difference I guess?