Monday, February 24, 2014

There's a New Blog in Town

Interested in reading about all things Children's Programming? 

You're in luck!  There is a brand new blog, Kids Library Program Mojo that has just begun. The blog is based on the course work of the 24 working-librarian students from WI and around the country in the UW-Madison online SLIS CE course, Power Children's Programming - on a Budget that runs until mid March.

Posts synopsize our discussion work, feature guest posts from students on aspects of programming for children up through 11 years old and in general share thoughts, ideas and chew over issues we face in programming no matter how small or large the library. Recent posts discuss program happiness, programming frustrations; re-purposing supplies; taking programming breaks and adapting ideas from other libraries.  In the hopper, we have a series of real-life tales on how to evolve and change programs and much much more!

The blog will stay most active until summer as posts reflecting our work are shared.  Then it will quiet down (unless students continue to use the venue to post ideas for programming) so read it while it's hot!

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