Monday, August 18, 2014

Promoting Alphabet Knowledge

Last week I attended a statewide training for early childhood professionals about a training module developed by Collaborating Partners for Early Childhood, "Supporting Language and Early Literacy:  At Home and in Early Childhood and Community Settings."  Check out the training and associated resources, they look valuable!

I'll probably be sharing information and tidbits from this training on this blog and my own over the next several weeks, so here is the first little tidbit:

If you are using a "letter of the week" as a way to introduce alphabet knowledge in your storytimes, you might want to consider some other methods.  According to presenter Gaye Tylka, there is no evidence that shows that promoting a letter of the day or week is particularly effective for introducing letters.  However, finding ways to use the letters in kids' own names is a fun and effective way to promote letter awareness and knowledge.  Children's names make them feel special and generate a certain amount of excitement inherently.

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