Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Teen Read Week™

Teen Read Week™ is October 12-18, 2014 with the theme "Turn Dreams into Reality". Through its website Teen Read Week™, Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) offers free PR materials, programming webinars, and grant opportunities. You do not need to be a YALSA member to sign-up to get freebies.

Under the Planning tab, you will find Activity Ideas and a list of 50 ideas. Below are my favorites for a librarian who might not have too much time or money but wants to do something. That probably includes all of us!
  • Set up a Suggestion Box—then post suggestions with responses
  • Collect and post teen reviews [offer some instruction in review writing]
  • Ask an English professor or teacher to host a 'so you want to be a writer' program
  • Passive program: bookmark contest
  • Passive program: have teens create book spine poetry
  • Family Activity—teens read to younger kids at library
  • Passive program: which book would you save from a fire & why?
  • Offer book giveaways for teens who are 'caught reading'
  • Create a bulletin board filled with book title suggestions from teens
  • Write an email or letter to your favorite author

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Tony Parrker said...

I like to think of the long write-up as an excellent college homework service.