Monday, November 10, 2014

LaCrosse Librarians Share the Lowdown on How to Create a FIELD TRIP ADVENTURE!

Those of us lucky enough to attend the It’s Not a Tour—It’s a FIELD TRIP ADVENTURE! session at the 2014 WLA conference got to hear how Sara Bryce, Brooke Rasche, and Linda Jerome of the LaCrosse Public Library have transformed school library visits and were infused with all the enthusiasm they must share with their field trip adventurers!

Weren't there? Went to another session? Well, you're still in luck because Sara Bryce shared the awesomeness along with the fabulous Chuck Norris memes on her blog Bryce Don't Play. Read all about it here and take your school tours to the next level.

They assured us that Field Trip Adventures are possible even for small libraries with a little adaptation.

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Bryce said...

Thanks for the shout-out! Glad to hear you enjoyed the program. When readers scroll to the bottom of my post they'll find a variety of scripts, so whatever level of staff/volunteer involvement you want, you can make it happen!