Tuesday, December 2, 2014

LEGO, Simplified

I've hosted a LEGO Club at my library for a few years. For a long time I was fussy about set up. The bricks and other basic pieces were separated out by color and stored in gallon ice cream buckets. All the random pieces were stored in a big bin. Every session I would set out tables for kids to work on. Each session would have a theme to challenge the kids. Over time all the LEGO pieces were ending up in the big bin. The kids ignored the tables and worked on the floor. There were fights over mini-figures. Kids ignored the theme.

After talking to a couple of colleagues, I simplified. All the LEGO pieces went into one big bin and the mini-figures into a small container. No more tables. I lay two sheets on the floor and dump the pieces onto them. Kids work on the floor around the sheets. Once we are done, I pick up the sheets and dump the pieces back into the big bin. Also, I pass out two mini-figures to each child when they arrive. They can switch with me or each other. No more fights about that. I don't worry about a theme but do put out books that appeal to the attendees.

The simplest tips sometimes have the biggest impact!

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