Friday, December 5, 2014

Three Cheers for YSS!

A ringing endorsement of YSS Early Literacy Calendar from educators. Also, a great way to share it with local childcare centers and classrooms.

Sue Abrahamson of Waupaca Library wrote:
I had a Yippee moment this week.  I sit on the Waupaca School District 4K Advisory Board and at Monday's meeting the 4K teachers all voted to scrap their curriculum activity calendar for the YSS Early Literacy Calendar.  They said we had more realistic, easy and fun ideas for family engagement!  I make a copy of the monthly calendar and add local library information on the other side (no wasted real estate!) and deliver it to all the 4K sites each month.

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Sarah Cournoyer said...

That's an awesome story! I hear stories about different ways librarians are using and promoting the calendar. Glad teachers are finding it useful to share with parents, too.