Friday, April 17, 2015

How to Say No

People who know me know I love to think about how we work towards creating an atmosphere of "yes" in our work. Within the confines of work, this moving towards yes can mean great success in building better buy-in, teamwork and innovative change for your library and community.

But what about outside of work? What about the many things that are peripherally part of your librarianship but serve better to advance your reputation or resume than to serve your community or job. It is tempting to say yes to as many things as possible but it can encroach on your energy, enthusiasm and ideas for your own paid-time work.

How to balance?

Melissa over at Mel's Desk has written three posts walking readers through her process of learning to say no to outside-work professional commitments. They are a perfect thoughtful primer to help all of us work out our own yeses and nos.

What I've Learned About Saying No
How Do You Know When to Say No
Different Types of Saying No
In Defense of Yes

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Sarah Cournoyer said...

Excellent advice from one of the librarians I admire. Saying yes and no to outside work professional opportunities is one of the issues I'm reflecting on this year.