Wednesday, May 20, 2015

WAPL Roundup

A couple weeks ago the WAPL Annual Conference was held in Wisconsin Rapids, and it was full of amazing ideas and inspiration. There were lots of great sessions, and here are some highlights:

Using tech in youth programs intimidates many of us, but incorporating it isn't as difficult as you might think! Adding tech elements to a program that has other activities, rather than focusing only on a piece of technology, is a great way to start. There are also some easy, inexpensive items you can buy, like Makey Makey, that will provide lots of opportunities for programming fun. Take a look at this handout for more suggestions and resources.

Image from Makey Makey website
Early literacy is something we promote heavily in the library, but how do we help parents engage in early lit practices at home? The Oshkosh Public Library created a specific storytime to help parents learn and practice early literacy skills outside the library. Find more information here.

Aside from great sessions, guest author Tom Lichtenheld hosted a picture book roundtable where he shared some of his favorites, then kept everyone laughing during lunch as he talked about his career as an author and illustrator.

Image from Tom's website
There's more information and handouts from other programs on the conference's handouts website, so even if you didn't attend the conference, do a little exploring here.

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