Monday, June 15, 2015

Youth Services Section Election Shout Out!

With over 300 members, YSS is the third largest unit in WLA. As such, the board is committed to giving its members a real choice in every single election. YSS needs YOU to be successful.  The Executive Board is putting together its election ballot for the 2015 WLA election season and would like you to consider joining us.

What positions are available?
WLA Board Representative: Serves as a member of the WLA Board
(subject to the membership requirements of the WLA Bylaws) and acts as liaison officer between YSS and the WLA Board. This position is a 3-year term.

Director-at-Large (2 spots!): Serve as members of the Executive Board and are in charge of conference planning coordination. Directors-at-Large serve a 2-year term.

SecretaryActs as recorder during meetings, takes minutes and uploads them to the WLA page. The secretary serves a 2-year term.

Chair Elect:   Acts for the Chair in case of vacancy in that office.  Coordinates activities and meetings with the Chair. Plans the YSS booth at the WLA annual conference. This is a three-year position, the first year as Chair Elect, the second year as Chair and the third Year as Past Chair.

How often does YSS meet?
The YSS Executive Board meets in person at WLA and WAPL and monthly by phone.

What kinds of things does the YSS Executive Board do?
The YSS Executive Board helps to facilitate all the great things that YSS is doing in our state including (but certainly not limited to) the Early Literacy Calendar, 52 Weeks of YA Programming,  Children's Book Award Committee and the YSS blog.

What does YSS have in the works?
Currently the board has been working to provide ideas for school-age programming for its members, a retreat for the YSS Executive Board, and the beginnings of a YSS Pinterest Board.

How do I apply?
If you are interested in becoming a member of the YSS Executive Board, email Ashley Bieber at You will be asked to provide a short bio including why you are interested in serving on the board. Elections are held in September.

Who can I contact with questions?
Please contact any board member with questions.  You can find their contact information here:

Why I, Terry Ehle, joined the YSS Executive Board:
As a Director-at-Large I was able to connect with so many great youth librarians from around the state.  I was proud to be a part of the different YSS activities and to add my voice to the future direction of youth services. Yes, there is a time commitment but it has been a lot of fun. Almost all responsibilities are facilitated by smaller committees and I never felt like a meeting was a waste of time.  The group is extremely efficient and has a lot of energy and passion for youth services.  Being on the board has also added validity to what I am doing in my little corner of the world and why. YSS has been a great experience!

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