Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Free Tools for Online Privacy

       "Say you’re doing a web search on something like the flu. The next thing you know, an ad for a flu remedy pops up on your web browser, or your video streaming service starts playing a commercial for Tylenol.
      The content of those ads is no coincidence. Digital ads are able to follow people around the Internet because advertisers often place invisible trackers on the websites you visit. Their goal is to collect details on everywhere you go on the Internet and use that data to serve targeted ads to your computer, smartphone and connected television." 
    Many library patrons are unaware of how closely their internet use is tracked by advertising companies, particularly teens.  So what better time to get a head start on defending yourself and teaching your patrons how to defend themselves against web snoops?  Check out the four tracker blockers tested by the New York Times Tech Fix crew and which is recommended as their anti-tracking tool of choice.  Read the article in full HERE.

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