Tuesday, June 14, 2016

When Tragedy Strikes

How can we in libraries respond to our families in the aftermath of a crushing and tragic blow - whether from gun violence or a natural disaster? Three and half years ago, after the Sandy Hook tragedy, we wrote on this blog (and hoped it would be for the last time):
"You might have some parents or kids looking for help in dealing with the stress, grief, fear, and other feelings that are roused by such a horrific event.  Here are a few tip sheets and bibliographies that might be useful to you as you try to sensitively answer those questions. A display might be a good way to get the information out there to people who don't want to ask."

Having resources at the ready to share with families  is vital.

Here are some links to help meet the needs of our communities:
Orange County Library System put up a page with information and resources

Betsy Bird shared resources in her SLJ Fuse 8 column

A Media Specialist's Guide to the Internet shares excellent resources to help children

South Central Library System (WI) shares bibliographies on helping children cope and teaching tolerance

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