Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Escape Rooms

Last spring, I started to hear about this new teen program sensation...Escape Rooms!  People used some of my favorite words to describe the program: mystery, clues, intrigue, stories, puzzles.

What is an Escape Room?
A group is locked in a room. They must find clues and solve a series of puzzles to unlock the door. The group has a time limit, which can be 15 minutes or an hour. There are businesses, Real Escape Game, that host events and create elaborate themed rooms. Escape room game apps are also popular.

Librarians are never ones to say no to a challenge and have hosted escape rooms at their library for teens and adults. Below are a few examples of library events to get you thinking.

Teen Services Underground "Escape Rooms: Escape the Ordinary"
YALSA "Escape the Library"
Teen Librarian "TPiB: Locked in the Library"

Have you hosted an escape room at your library? Post in the comments! Or do a short write-up of your event and email Sarah Cournoyer We can add it as a guest post.

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