Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Print is All Around Us

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Environmental print is what all the words, letters, and numbers that surround us in daily life are called. From street signs to cereal boxes, there are abundant sources of environmental print for emerging readers to use. Parents and other caregivers can foster a child's awareness of and interest in recognizing them in a multitude of ways because print awareness and letter knowledge are key components of early literacy. Two short articles that offer tips and ideas for using environmental print to support emergent literacy and struggling readers are linked below:

Environmental Print by Reading Rockets
Helping Struggling Readers with Environmental Print by John Funk, Educator and Teacher Trainer

The YSS Early Literacy Calendar (available HERE) is another excellent resource full of tips expressly for increasing early literacy activities in fun ways as children and their caregivers go about their days. This free resource is a project of the Youth Services Section of the Wisconsin Library Association.

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