Friday, August 26, 2016

Interactive Tech for Tweens

At our library we've been working on trying new STEAM programming for tweens as well as general ways to incorporate play and technology for older kids.

At a recent WAPL program Beth Carpenter shared her success with Stikbots, a stop motion animation toy that comes with a green screen, smartphone tripod and small sticky-footed peoples.  You can drop in backgrounds on the green screen and use props.  We've found this a little challenging as our sticky parts keep popping!  But we are still trying.

We also purchased Osmo, honestly in part because our IT guy was so excited about it, he offered us new iPads for programming out of his budget.  I'm not above a little bribery.  
And luckily, this has been a bit more fun to play with.  There is a coding piece as well as this drawing tablet addition.  The gist of all of the components being that manipulation of physical objects combined with screen play helps kids understand coding and computers a little more fully.

We've done some Lego stop motion as well--my favorite one featuring a tumbleweed and dichotomous narrators.  One in a nice flight attendant voice calmly stating, "Welcome to our planet." and the other bursting in with "You're all going to diiiiieeee!"  

In addition to these, we've tried some lower tech STEAM projects as well.  Robot Art, an upcoming Paper Airplane Adventure, and a Star Wars light-saber build.

We'd love for you to share what fun programs you have set for this fall or winter!

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