Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Opening and Closing Songs for Storytime

Do you have a favorite opening song for Storytime? Do you use a closing song? Do you change it for different sessions? If you are looking for some new ideas, Storytime Katie has collected a few for you on her blog. See them HERE.

My favorite opener is called Hands Go Up and this is how it goes:

Hands go up,
Hands go down.
I can turn
around and round.
I can jump
upon two shoes.
I can listen,
so can you.
I can sit,
I'll show you how.
Storytime is starting now!

And then I clap and make any announcements or give orientation information to newcomers.

I don't usually use a closing song for family or all ages storytime because our craft and social time indicates the end of the formal storytime. With babies and toddlers, I do use an opening and closing song. I use Tickle the Clouds to close which is one of those listed on Storytime Katie's blog.

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