Friday, December 9, 2016

Libraries as No Hit Zone

Here at LPL, we are working on becoming a No Hit Zone.  For those who are familiar with the Wakanheza Project, this has a lot of similarities.  The gist of the program though is that we create environments that support a culture of health and safety.  This means that:

  • No adult shall hit another adult
  • No adult shall hit achild
  • No child shall hit an adult
  • No child shall hit another child
We accomplish this in libraries by finding ways to intervene and deescalate tense or stressful situations.  We place signage around and information about nonviolent ways to work through conflict or to parent positively.

In La Crosse, this is being initiated by Gundersen Health, but partners throughout the city are participating.  This includes the library, Parenting Place, Children's Museum and more.

An especially interesting piece for us, was the evidence they offered that simply having the signs up in their locations seemed to be a relief for families.  Once it is obvious hitting isn't an option, adults in particular were able to look at other ways to deal with stressors or behavior issues.


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