Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Meet the Board: Member at Large - Susie Menk

 Susie Menk, Youth Librarian, Manitowoc Public Library

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
 Hi! My name is Susie Menk and I am a librarian in the Children’s Department at the Manitowoc Public Library in Manitowoc, WI.

What’s your favorite thing to eat while reading?
I love snacking on nuts when I’m reading!

How would you define your library programming style?
I love programs that are interactive with the kids and/or parents. I did a 1000 Books before Kindergarten party this past summer and set up stations. It was so much fun walking around and watching the kids and then interacting with the parents and sharing the early literacy skills and why they’re important.

What is the last series that you read with your eyes and/or your ears?
I recently finished listening to “The Glass Gauntlet” which is the second book in “The Blood Guard” series by Carter Roy.

If you had to tell a story or a folktale, which one would you tell?
I recently did the story “Caps for Sale”. It works so well for story telling since there are plenty of actions for the kids to imitate.

Share an awesome library moment with us.
We had a sixth grade class in to the library for a tour and a program. We did some explaining of the library catalog as well as touring our teen area and backrooms. In one of the thanks you’s from the students, one boy wrote “I learned a lot. You definitely convinced me to get a library card.” Awesome!

What’s your go-to storytime song?
I love using “A Ram Sam Sam” or Laurie Berkner’s “These Are My Glasses”.

What’s your favorite part of being a librarian?
My favorite part of being a librarian is sharing my love of the library with others. I love it when I get a chance to get out in the community and talk about all the wonderful assets a public library has. It always amazes me how little people know about what libraries have to offer.

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