Saturday, February 25, 2017

Teen Adulting Programs

Some of you may have heard the recent NPR program on Adulting School for Adults, in which emergent adults can take a class in everything from balancing a checkbook to mixing a killer cocktail.
Adult School
While I think you could have a lot of fun programming for these twenty-somethings, this seems like a great opportunity for teens as well.

Los Angeles County Library is doing just that with their Adult 101 for teens.  In the series, teens can learn everything from dining etiquette:
     Learn how to have confidence in a variety of dining situations!
  • Communication skills at the dining table.
  • What does your handshake say about you?
  • Learn the difference between Continental and American style dining.
  • Do you know which is your bread plate?
To job skills:
     Get prepared for your job hunt by learning the basics of resume writing and interviewing. After the workshop, stay for 
some Blue Exorcist anime episodes and watch our main character struggle to find a job and a new direction in life. 

At Kitsap Regional, teens can learn about money management, cooking and how to dress on a budget.

Pickerington Public Library in Ohio focused their #adulting series this past fall on Resume Writing, Financial Aid, and registering to vote. 

Here we've discussed programming on sewing a button, fixing your car, and even parenting for our pre-adult patrons.

What adulting skills are you teaching teens?  

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